Today starts the cycle of conferences (Re)volució hosted by the Institut de Biologia Evolutiva at the PRBB, the house of this CSLab.

This series of talks intends to popularize the most novel advances in Evolutionary Biology. It is clear how evolutionary and systems biology is pushing the frontiers of knowledge in amazing, unexpected ways. Our understanding and harnessing of synthetic biology — the focus of this lab — represents outstanding opportunities and brings up ethical and philosophical challenges. Conveying the latest advances to a more general public is necessary to have a healthy debate about the science of the next years.

Our group leader Ricard Solé will open this cycle of conferences today. (Here for a website in Catalan.) His talk is precisely titled ‘Synthetic lives: at the frontiers of evolution and philosophy’ and will be held at 6:00 pm at the PRBB.

In the follwing weeks, four more outstanding talks await us:

  • Next Tuesday Roger Vila, from the Butterfly Diversity and Evolution Lab, will tell us how Butterflies help us understand the world we live in. (Web of the event, in Catalan.)
  • On October 29 Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo, from the Multicellgenome Lab will address the very important matter of multicellularity and how the intriguing evolutionary step from single celled to multicellular organisms took place. (Web of the event, in Catalan.)
  • Arcadi Navarro, leader of the Evolutionary Genomics Lab, will be next on Tuesday the 5th of November. He will talk about the subtleties that involve the genome in our socio-economic decision making. (Web of the event, in Catalan.)
  • And finally, on November 12 David Comas from the Population Genetics Laboratory will explain how our DNA is a fossil record of our origins and migrations as a species, such a wonderful travel millions of years long!! (Web of the event, in Catalan.)

If you happen to be in Barcelona, be welcome to these talks and join the discussion about such thrilling research topics!



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